Today’s problems have progressive solutions

PROGRESSIVE PODIUM #3 — by Diane Tipton, PDC Treasurer

Today, I am proud to label myself as a Progressive even though I don’t like labels. I suppose I have always seen myself as a Progressive, even though I didn’t have a name for it until recently. I never liked the label “Liberal”, because it sounds too passive, with no action, In the past, if I was asked, I would usually describe myself as a Realist. To me, Progressives have humane, common-sense solutions to the serious problems we’re facing today. For instance, these two progressive solutions would give us immediate results:

Solution #1 A Living Wage: Right now, we have a population that, if they find themselves homeless, don’t have a way out. Even working two minimum-wage jobs won’t be enough money to get a new place to live. People, entire families with their children, forced to beg on a street corner is something that shoud never happen in the richest country in the history of the world.

Solution #2 Medicare For All: This is a win-win solution for our citizens, doctors, taxpayers, and employers. The only losers would be the large insurance and healthcare conglomerates. Right now, much of our work force depends on their employer to provide healthcare. This benefit is expensive for the employer, so they look for the cheapest plans they can find, but the costs still always go up and leave their employees with less service despite higher and higher paycheck and medical deductions. Most small business owners struggle to even afford healthcare for themselves and their families, much less for their employees. And some of the largest employers give the majority of their workforce the maximum amount of hours to still be labeled part-time so they won’t have to give them benefits. Healthcare is a right, and it is disgraceful that the government ignores the needs of its citizens.

I have highlighted two stand-alone progressive solutions that would give immediate relief to our country, but in writing this I realized it would be better if the living wage and Medicare for All were implemented together. These problems are intertwined. I have discovered that if we stand back and look at the other progressive issues holistically, we’ll see how each issue feeds into the others, and how our solutions work harmoniously with each other.

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