about state party Initiatives and bylaws

Progressive Democrats of Colorado is an INITIATIVE of the Colorado Democratic Party

Colorado Democrats

An Initiative is a group of registered Democrats whose members join together to organize their respective communities into the Colorado Democratic Party for activities, goals and purposes consistent with the overall activities, goals and purposes of the Colorado Democratic Party.

PDC was formed and approved as an Initiative in 2005

Today there are 17 Initiatives supporting specific interest groups.  PDC is the only certified group representing Progressives inside the state party.


Party Initiative Highlights: 


  • At least 25 members.
  • Adopted By-laws.
  • Registered Democrats.
  • Affirms that the purpose of the Initiative is to elect Democrats and strengthen the Colorado Democratic Party.
  • Initiative Bylaws cannot conflict with state or national party rules and bylaws.
  • As a subsidiary of the state party, initiatives are governed by state party rules and operate within state and federal regulations applicable to the state party.
  • The Initiative will not separately endorse and candidate for public office as that responsibility falls to the state Central Committee.
  • The Initiative will not provide support to candidates other than members of the Democratic Party.
  • The Initiative, after recognition by the state Central Committee, will receive representation on the State Central Committee, State Executive Committee, State Outreach Commission, and the state party Platform committee.

Complete Colorado Democratic Party Rules:  https://coloradodems.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/CDP-Rules-Final-Review.pdf
Progressive Democrats of Colorado Initiative Bylaws (Adopted January 2020)