Mike McCorkLe – Chair

Mike McCorkle joined the Democrats in 2015 to vote for Bernie Sanders and was elected one of the leaders of Colorado’s National Delegates for Bernie in 2016. He’s a co-founder and Executive Board member of the Colorado Working Families Party and a member of Our Revolution and the Democratic Socialists of America. Mike provides legal and political counsel to progressive candidates and good causes nationwide, including worker-owned cooperatives, grassroots political organizations, the Muslim community, and others. He represents HD-2 on the State Central Committee and lives in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with his wife, Dana Manning.


Dennis Obduskey – Vice Chair

Dennis Obduskey is a lifelong Democrat who joined the Progressive Movement in 2005 after flying to Washington, DC to march with a quarter-million of his “closest friends” for an end to the Iraq War, social justice, and the impeachment of George W Bush. Dennis discovered the Progressive Democrats of America organization there and later became involved with PDC, first as an Executive Committee member, then as Co-Chair, and spearheading recent changes to the Initiative’s Bylaws. An Intern for US Senator Gary Hart in the ’70s, Dennis was Chair or Vice-Chair of the Park County Dems from 2008 to 2018, when he moved back to Pueblo. He has also chaired HD60, SD2, and JD11.

Heavily involved in the state platform for a decade, Dennis is in his 3rd term as State Chair/Co-Chair of the Platform Committee. Elected by 2016 Sanders delegates to serve on the National Platform Committee, he was cited by Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver as “our most successful platform delegate.”  His amendment to create a pathway to marijuana legalization passed the 187-member committee by a single vote. He was reconfirmed to the National Platform Committee by all Colorado Delegates and the Sanders campaign for the 2020 National Convention. Dennis also took a lawsuit against Wells Fargo and its law firm concerning the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and foreclosure all the way to the US Supreme Court in 2019. He lost over punctuation, but the House Financial Services Committee acted 8 months later to fix the law. He was appointed by Governor Polis in 2019 to the nonpartisan State Judicial Performance Commission.

Many people also know his 12-year-old Great Pyrenees, Dylan, who attends meetings whenever he can.

Terry Tucker – Secretary

Terry Tucker was born in Gallup, NM just off the famous Route 66 and soon moved with the family and helped her Mom in her first political campaign In Old Town Albuquerque – at the age of 11. 

The family moved to Denver, then Pittsburgh, PA, and back to Denver.  Terry had stints in Illinois and Texas before she “came home” to Denver and has been here more than 20 years.

Terry’s political life began with 350.org, where she was trained as a climate change activist.  She was a member of the project, “Worldwide Views on Global Warming,” an international project based on methods developed by The Danish Board of Technology for the purpose of involving citizens in political decision-making.  She has traveled extensively in Southern Africa, volunteering on big cat preservation projects.

She is one of Colorado’s three elected Democratic National Committee Members (2016-2020); a member of the State Platform Committee, an Our Revolution Denver Metro Council Member; a State Committee Member for Colorado Working Families; the Jefferson County Outreach Committee; a Jefferson County Latino Initiative Member; one of three Colorado members on the 2016 National Platform Committee; and a delegate to the National Convention representing Senator Bernie Sanders. She has also filled in as acting Treasurer for the Initiative.

Diane Tipton – Treasurer

By the time she was 12, Diane had lived two years in the Middle East and traveled around the world five times. I realized
there were the “haves” and “have nots” and it wasn’t fair, she discovered, and “I also realized I was a “haves” just because I
was a young WASP princess.” By the mid-to-late ’60s, Diane would hitchhike to marches and sit-ins in Colorado, California, and Oregon in support of Civil Rights, Migrant Workers Rights, Women’s Rights, and to lower the voting age from 21 to 18.  “My first job when I was 15 was rebuilding auto voltage regulators, where I found myself in the strange position of being somewhat of a union organizer after a union rep came to my shop.” After Jimmy Carter became President in 1977, she said, “I believed we had won on all fronts and just lived my life, but by the year 2000, I realized I was wrong, and we were losing ground.” It was in 2015 that Diane first learned about Bernie Sanders. “He was the politician I dreamed about in the ’60s and ’70s so I started volunteering for his campaign. I made calls to rural Iowa. I became a PCP in HD1a, and I was a county and state delegate for Bernie. I also volunteered for local progressive candidates. Since the reorg in 2017, I have been on the State Central Committee. I now realize that my generation did not have the full support from my predecessors, especially for the social progress I thought we had won. I strongly believe that my role now is to help and support today’s younger generation to get and keep the changes I worked for in the ’60s.”


Rob Eadie – Executive Committee

Rob Eadie is an Irish immigrant, a citizen since 1989 who has spent most of his adult life in Colorado. “I immigrated to this country to develop my career, and I love this country for its liberty and opportunity. My political ideology is, by American standards, left of center. I believe in a single-payer healthcare system, generous government funding for education from preschool through college, and help for the less fortunate in our society – thus providing a strong social safety net that will boost this country economically and make it more equitable for all its citizens, not just the 0.1%!”

“It is my opinion that the Democratic Party needs to be more appealing to working Americans. Many are not voting in their interests, and we need to change that by connecting and persuading both our Republican and non-affiliated friends and neighbors.”


Skip Madsen – Executive Committee

Skip Madsen is a lifelong Democrat and started years ago as a New Left member with Young Democrats. “Progressive since God made me,” he says.

He was a member of the 2016 Democratic National Convention Rules Committee representing Bernie Sanders. In March 2017, he was appointed Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party Rules Committee.

Skip is Founder (2016) and current Executive Director of DECO, Democracy Enter Colorado, an organization with a mission to inform, educate, and engage Colorado voters in the political process.  Skip’s political mottoes are: “If you don’t know the rules, you don’t know how to play the game,” and “Measure your response by how it serves your goal, not by how it serves your fury.”


Michael Neil – Executive Committee

Michael is a community activist and volunteer lobbyist for Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, as well as a member of the Colorado Community Engagement Roundtable, the Colorado Disability Funding Council, and the Denver Democratic Party Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

“I have been involved in campaign volunteer work with Democrats since Gail Schoettler nearly beat Bill Owens. In 2004, I was a National Delegate to the Democratic National Committee for Dennis Kucinich, where Progressive Democrats of Colorado came from. 

I have been on the frontlines of climate change protests, protests in support of Medicare and Medicaid, and anti-war protests. I am also an active volunteer for Colorado NARAL (now Cobalt), Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU. In my spare time, I love my Newfoundland dog, reading, and playing on my computer.”

Cliff Smedley – Executive Committee

Cliff Smedley has been very active in the Colorado Democratic Party and was a previous Co-Chair of this Progressive Initiative.  As an activist, Cliff has been in the news promoting legislation or citizen Initiatives (which became law) regarding wind energy, protections from factory farms, advisory statements against Citizens United, and a local tax to support renewable energy. 

 Additionally, Cliff has been on numerous radio and print interviews supporting such issues as affordable housing, Occupy Boulder, and protecting the Citizens Initiative process.  He is currently the Resolutions Committee Chair for the Boulder County Dems and has been very active in the state and county Platform Teams for several cycles.