Progressive Democrats of Colorado

The Left Wing of the Possible

We are committed to strengthening and expanding the Colorado Democratic Party by providing a voice for the progressive movement within the Party.

About PDC

Who we are

The vital piece

As the ONLY statewide progressive organization that is actually a part of the Democratic Party, PDC is where progressive advocacy is taken to the ballot and translated into real political power. For every progressive grassroots group in Colorado working on an "inside-outside" strategy to push the Democrats forward, PDC is the one place where it all comes together INSIDE the Democratic Party.

A TEAM of leaders

PDC is led at the state level by an elected, all-volunteer, 9-member Executive Board, which includes a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board includes some of Colorado's leading authorities on the rules and platform of the Democratic Party, leaders of grassroots groups, and dedicated activists who have devoted years to the progressive cause and community.

progressive heritage

PDC became a statewide initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party in August 2005. In 2020, PDC adopted new bylaws, expanded its leadership team, and launched a new era of progressive activism as the Democratic Party home for all the political revolutionaries, democratic socialists, and social justice activists determined to make real change happen in Colorado.

What We Do

speaking to Progressives for the Party

Making the case for the Democratic Party as the best and most viable structure available today for advancing progressive policies in Colorado

Speaking to the Party for Progressives

Standing up for progressives inside and outside the Democratic Party, elevating progressive priorities, and opening the way for tomorrow's progressive campaigns

Growing progressive power

Fighting to bring more progressive votes and voices to the tables of leadership at every level of the Party, because progressives know better than anyone: If you're not at the table, you're on the menu!

PDC is organizing County Chapters all over Colorado, bringing together progressives on a mission to build our power in the party, county-by-county, district-by-district! Email to learn more.

We are here to help!

This is a people-first community. We’re after members, not money. We won’t hassle you for donations, and if dues are a problem, PDC offers a confidential hardship scholarship process. Email for an application form.

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how you can help

Dues & Donations

Your generosity makes our work possible. Annual dues of $10 per calendar year entitle Colorado Democrats to full voting membership in PDC.


We're building a community that brings progressives in every corner of Colorado together for the greater good. With your talents and energy, nothing can stop us!

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They call this a MOVEMent because we never stand still!

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